“Songs of Descent”

By Derelikt Waugh

Now here we have something truly different, a debut album as unique as it is ferocious. Here we have…Yautja.  Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee (“the home of country music”), this pissed-off three-piece is here to make it loud and clear…saccharine, sugar-coated, overly-produced “country” ain’t the only thing brewing in Music City, USA. Yautja spews out some of the most seething, hardcore-infused grind grooves you’re ever likely to hear. The intensity levels remind one of bands such as Converge and Trap Them, but there are much stranger elements churning beneath the barrage of angst and anger. Old Melvins come to mind during some of the slower, sludge-covered passages, and then there’s the dissonant Jesus Lizard guitar snarls sprinkled throughout, not to mention some downright Voivod-ian tempo changes on display. Oh, yes…this is the stuff of wildly wonderful nightmares.

 Clocking in at nearly thirty-eight minutes with fourteen tracks, “Songs of Descent” delivers the teeth-gnashing, gnarly goods, punishing the weakly-constituted almost as much as it pleases the open-eared. Yes, this is definitely a brutal offering, but the musicianship on display is undeniably progressive and excellent. I wouldn’t play this for a room full of jazz aficionados and expect positive reactions, but to call it simply “just another grind record” would be retarded. There are far too many good things going on here to label it as anything, really. All those stupid little sub-genre names kinda grind my gears, to be quite honest with ya. Well, it’s a good thing for me that Yautja has virtually ignored all of those sub-genres in order to produce some forward-thinking, well-produced (but not overly-polished), hook-laden but nasty-as-an-orangutan-on-speed, highly original, HEAVY GODDAMN MUSIC. This is the kind of album that makes reviewing records a sheer joy. Crank it or spank it, BUY OR DIE!