“Invasion of the Tentacube”

By Dr. Abner Mality

With the cartoony cover art and campy album title, I had Xoth pegged as the kind of goofy horror thrash that the Razorback Records label specializes in. Surprise, surprise, it’s not really that kind of metal at all! Although I do think that Razorback fans might enjoy Xoth as well.

This is very technical and “cosmic” sounding high speed metal. The names of Vektor and Absu are tossed around in the press sheet and I can definitely see the resemblance. Now Xoth is not as mind-blowing as those two bands, but that’s absolutely nothing to feel bad about, because who can measure up to them? Xoth is at their best on the shorter, snappier tunes like “Terramorphosis”,”Ancient Sentient Ooze” and the title track. On longer numbers like “Antediluvian Annihilation”and “Digital Mausoleum”,they tend to kind of get lost in their own technicality a bit, although not to the point of total annoyance.

The vocals are very troll-like without being black metal. One thing that stands out is the loud and jazzy bass playing…very noticeable and almost equal to the lead guitars in the mix. These guys have some cool riffs indeed and lyrically I’m guessing they have a kind of cartoony Lovecraftian approach. They are not as serious or as overwhelmingly cosmic as Vektor.

Rather a surprising debut. If they don’t get dragged off to hellish netherworlds by tentacle beasts, they might have a future in this business.