“Aňos En Infierno”

By Dr. Abner Mality

On their fourth album, Latino brute metal band continues to deliver their simple, ultra-heavy crush...for the most part. For the first time, the band has started to experiment just a bit with their usual basic style. Whether the experimentation was successful will be up to you. It didn’t really work for me.

The band continues to dish out incredibly downtuned riffage that combines the heaviest aspects of hardcore and death metal, with a Latin flavor. The title track has the morbid feel of death metal while “Corredor de la Muerte” comes across like HATEBREED with an even worse attitude. The drumming has a very tribal vibe throughout, reaching its apex on “Saka”, where it feels like Mayan war drums.

Where the experimentation comes in is the last two tracks, “El Abismo I” and “El Abismo II”. For the first minute and a half of “I”, all sounds typical. Then suddenly the heaviness disappears and clean, minor key guitar appears. For all intents and purposes, it becomes a Goth track, complete with...gasp!...clean vocals! This is really unexpected and while I can salute the desire to be different, unfortunately it is rather dull and monotonous to listen to. “II” sees XIBALBA adding an almost English sounding doom metal touch to the song, with weepy guitars. Again, it just wears out its welcome. The experiment didn’t pan out.

Mega-heavy and depressing XIBALBA certainly has its moments for sure, but proceed with caution.