"Colony Collapse"

By Lord Randall

WVRM’s been at it for over a half-decade now, churning out grind/death (or death/grind, depending on the song) spawned from the unlikely environs of Greenville, South Carolina. 

While 2016’s "Heartache" was solid “enough”, it failed to rise above the morass that is grind to my ears, but the 9-minute "Can You Hear The Wind Howl" of the following year was the rusty rip saw I hoped WVRM had in ‘em, honed when needed and rough throughout. "Colony Collapse" continues on with that motif, thankfully, ‘Walled Slum City’ charging forth, full of righteous indignance and a low-slung stomp in the latter 1/3rd that makes this sludgehound grin. 

I’m far from a fan or proponent of the whole white guilt, liberal self-flagellating much of the U.S. is awash in these days, so I’m not so sure how the whole “How the third world pays for my sins” line hits me, especially when bellowed at me by someone also reaping the admitted benefit of being a Caucasian male in America, but is what it is. 

"Black Flags Toward Sodom (Me Ne Frego)" rages and roils, tumbling into the blues-drenched riff of "Tank Reaper", moments of THE ABOMINABLE IRON SLOTH creeping through. Drummer Brett Terrapin slaughters "Thorn Palace", at times a nailgun on full auto, others a swinging, Chevy-sized sledgehammer, and the title track surprisingly works as an excursion into noise territory, better than anything FULL OF HELL’s attempted within those lands in a long damned time.

In conclusion, if you like your grind dirty, yet with a discernable structure, and an album you can probably run through twice at a time without it seeming too repetitive, "Colony Collapse" is a good bet.