“Powers That Be”

By Dr. Abner Mality

WRECK-DEFY’s first album “Remnants of Pain” was a real pleasant and unexpected surprise for me. For a band containing former members of TESTAMENT, ANNIHILATOR and MALEVOLENT CREATION, they sure flew under the radar, but they delivered a very solid album of American thrash metal. On “Powers That Be”, they deliver more of the same and are angrier and more precise this time around. This is a band that should now start registering with thrash metal fans. 

It’s just solid stuff all the way around. Aaron Randall formerly of ANNIHILATOR delivers a savage snarl on vocals and this time around seems really pissed...just listen to the foul-mouthed ranting on “Beyond H8”. The title track definitely has that TESTAMENT-meets-ANNIHILATOR sound that mixes technicality, anger and melody, but on “Skin”, “Freedomless Speech” and “I Am The Wolf”, WRECK-DEFY cut loose with some classic thrashers that don’t have to take a back seat to anyone. “Skin” in particular is just about perfect.

They also slightly drop the pace for moodier numbers like “Drowning In Misery” and “Scumlord” but even those pick up pace and intensity by the end. Only the very brief coda “On The Other Side” delivers pure melody. Now WRECK-DEFY is not rewriting the thrash metal rulebook, but if you want a band that can deliver the real deal, they’ve proven their worth on “Powers That Be”.