"Visions of Bone"

By Octopi Mills

I am somewhat familiar with this project, being from one of my excursions in search of doom metal high in the mountains of one of my past travels in the wilderness of such, but on this day, it appears that it has come to my very doorstep. I speak in a metaphoric sense, as mostly always, and reserve the divine right to use adjectives and semi-colons, if the need presents itself...

Promotional photos show men in skinny jeans of the times, but above the waist we see seasoned fellows who are no longer young men playing such games of chance, and . they sport the looks of authentic pros...

"Beast" is the first song, and I have taken my tiny, squirrel sized smoking apparatus to the listen, staring mellowly and hearing it perfectly. For those who like the mellow, foggy streets of nostalgic doom, this messes about in that area, somehow, and for a good thirteen minutes. And I know that good doom plods, and makes no hurry nor rush..I can almost picture, in my most private thoughts, an olde, once was English professor hooking up a guitar loaded with vintage, piping hot effects, and working up a sweat in an old, dark chamber complete with a science skeleton watching lifelessly. Bass notes crawl around like an old race of chicken snakes bloated with the blues that only is brought in a belly of exotic birds, and they can only be saved by opening it up with a sharp blade as it turns to the calm heat of such I allow my comment to settle with me.

Creepy, geek turned ritual murder vocals mutter soft psychopathy into the phone receiver of this booth turned to dark theater, and I chuckle inside, nervously, as an outsider does when he feels Shakespeare's collective ghost in an English mess around; as all do who are non-English watch the English.Drums tap around like the feds tap a phone line....or monitor an internet connection because of strange word play that signaled alert codes. When I read information that tracks were laid down in Wales, I become foolish for a minute, and I will not get into a rant, and I applaud such a travel.
"Vultures" comes across with vegetable matter guitar with vocals of the same charge,  and a bumbling gait; one that is plodding around and killing the garden grounds' grass as if driven into the grounds by muddied, furry boots. 

As "Kingdom" plays it does more of the same, and I get other thoughts I won't share that have nothing to do with this, like playing around with an old antique rapier in mock battle. There are sample of some fellow speaking a narrative about the mysteries of death, and they set in the old English fog again, which is quite great and without it I would have went into another direction in thoughts.

And I wonder if it's in their English blood; something they cannot change? I read into things too much, and this I realize after the review. Often when I watch old black and white movies my mind wanders into other things so deeply great that it was like staring into a blank screen, so I must be careful of how I review my choices here. I also realize that when I pause it I hear a thin, foggy ambience that isn't quite there and wonder if it could be something in the room I am in; the air conditioning mixing with the silence...The atmosphere is almost like a thin mist somehow I cannot put my finger on, and I applaud this in nearly any album, but found it was in my head. 

"Bleeding sky" is a shorter affair, and as I thought in malformed genius before hearing it, somewhat staged. "Vanishing Sea" ends the listener's experience and I am given information that the band is calling it quits after this album. This could be a rumor, and all tend to exhume such corpses for festivals one day in display, so fear not if you are a enthusiast who goes to such events. The burned out end song lumbers and staggers around like a doomed golem with Black Sabbath riffs stuck in it's mouth but messes around in a more exaggerated fashion before stumbling into the fog bound streets I found before.I believe this is where they truly excel and are as dangerous. Smoky and creaky, the song creeps along and creates a great theme that makes me peer out over a weird sea.This is something,  however brief, that most music cannot make me do; this opening of the weird and coyly subtle velvet of soft mind. A better doom metal than most.