"Terranean Wake"

By Earthdog

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this album is how it has been released and no one is talking about it. This album by the German funeral doom masters is a monster....not a perfect monster but certainly a menacing beast that you can't ignore. The world of funeral doom is complicated. The style is usually either mind-numbingly dull or it is hypnotic and emotionally moving and challenging. This Worship album falls into the latter class of crushing doom metal. The album is made up of four parts ranging from 10 to almost 18 minutes and like most funeral doom, it crawls along with the energy of a tranquilized slug but there is so much that ends up hooking you in. The guitars ooze sorrow and despair and are discordant and about as bleak as bleak gets and it is a album that has much depth that most of it goes over your head on the first few spins of the disc. It is an album that you must invest some time in to fully realize its magic.

Now it has been 5 years since the bands last full length but the band have got more than one reason to take their time. The band lost a  member through suicide so it has been a rough ride for these doomsters but maybe that just adds some extra fuel to their cauldron of minimalistic doom metal. The wait between albums has also given the band a new fresh approach as this album is a bit different from anything else they have ever released. There is far more atmosphere to 'Terranean Wake' than anything done previously and the production is much clearer and cleaner which some people may see as a issue but I feel it has helped the band make a far more memorable release than what they usually come out with. The vocalist that goes by the name of The Doommonger really shines throughout the album, growling as most funeral doom vocalists do but in this case, it is emotive and unnerving which is perfect for the sinister soundscapes Worship unleash throughout this albums 55 minutes.

What makes the album so hypnotic is the subtle way the pieces shift and move along. Basically if your mind drifts while listening to this you will miss some stunning and very clever moments of classy songwriting. It can be shit-your-pants heavy at times but there are tiny but very effective elements of melody and an almost progressive doom vibe that is rare for the funeral doom genre. The hardest track to get through is the last one with the sub title of 'End of an Aeviturne' because it is painfully slow, even by funeral doom standards and this is the albums only so-so moment. Funeral doom as odd as it may seem to the uneducated on the genre can be cliched and cheesy to a point and this track is the only time where this release suffers from that fate. The rest of the album however is nothing short of stunning. The vocals that are sung in English, French and German tell a heart-breaking story of utter depression and it is deliver with passion and authenticity.

The album is predictable in a way but the attention to detail that Worship display in this album makes up for any of that. The band seemed to have matured musically and this album now puts them up there with the likes of Ahab, Ea and Mournful Congregation as these 3 bands scramble for the funeral doom crown. This is certainly more impressive than Ahab's latest and despite some of this album being a touch cryptic, both musically and lyrically, it is surprisingly infectious for a funeral doom release. This is a near perfect album from Worship and released just in time to fill a place in the end of year top 10 lists for 2012.....9/10.