by Thor

Spain’s Wormed are back with “Exodromos” – a new album of relentlessly brutal tech-death that would be right at home accompanying sci-fi horror movies like Event Horizon or video games like Dead Space.

The band’s macabre sci-fi concepts and aesthetic are on full display with songs that include “Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity”, “Techkinox Wormhole”, and “The Nonlocality Trilemma”.  While all but a couple of those words are made up, they sure sound legit enough to make you think twice about the perils of space travel and perhaps accidentally getting sucked through an anomalous crease in the fabric of space-time, ripped into subatomic pieces and spun through a universe-bending vortex and into the hell that awaits inside a galaxy-devouring black hole, but I digress.

Musically, the band blasts your face off with devastating riffs of strange chords and with occasional elements of what can most closely be called melody laced into the mix.  There’s also a sufficient amount of groove dripped into the prevailing flavor of chaotic speed.  The whole thing is topped over with gurgle-infused guttural vocals that might as well be the hostile emanations of a freakish alien race.  The music is weird, to cut to the chase, and the total effect really does sonically manifest as an uncomfortable sci-fi horror show.  The musicianship is certainly a thing to behold as are the band’s ambitious song compositions.

If there’s one thing to criticize, it’s a stark lack of tonal dynamics.  Obviously, Wormed isn’t the first extreme metal outfit to have this problem.  But like a lot of death metal albums, Worm’s “Exodromos” is figuratively one note, the same emotion throughout.  It’s an unfortunate byproduct of having very specific and, thus, narrow musical and conceptual approaches and it’s nothing new.  Listen to any album by Nile, for example.

Overall, Worm’s “Exodromos” is a mind-blowing, matter-altering, time-warping tech-death trip through an unforgiving and terrifying outer space that will have you setting your phasers to kill.