“Closer To Relevance”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Hot damn, this is the kind of heavy metal rock n roll I’ve been craving! The strangely named Workhorse III are refreshingly honest and unpretentious and they deliver a powerful kick in the nuts with their raw sound. If Motorhead got into a fistfight with Nashville Pussy in Girlschool’s backyard, you’d have these guys pegged pretty well. They are a classic power trio and not one second of “Closer to Relevance” sounds like it’s been polished or digitized. That sort of phoniness smells like week old fish to my trained nose and there’s nary a whiff of spoilage here.

Secret weapon is a hell cat known as Lisa Christ Superstar, the singer/guitarist of this outfit. The way she cranks her axe reminds me of Ruyter from Nashville Pussy only with more of a metal edge. She’s got some sassy vocals, too, definitely in the Joan Jett vein but tethered to something a whole lot meaner. Bassist Steve McCarthy weighs in with some lead vocals as well as gives the project a punky edge. You could make a reasonable case that this is a punk album, but I prefer to think of it as a good marriage of metal, punk and straight up rock. “War Torn City” kicks this bitch off with a growling singalong attack, next tune “Soul Crusher” is even faster and nastier and then the band lays into an awesome cover of the early Def Leppard track “Wasted”, where Lisa is at her best. From there, the band carries on in sweaty and workmanlike fashion until finishing up with “I Can’t Forget”, which features Hammond organ and which has a kind of uplifting early 70’s kind of feel.

Nothing gets reinvented or twisted around here, but I loved this album for its sheer ballsiness and honesty. It’s a surefire cure for slick music, that’s for sure!