"Black Marketeers of WWIII"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It's getting so genres don't matter any more than a drop of pee in the ocean. Take Wolvhammer, for metal? sludge? d-beat punk? ominous post-metal? Whatever. It's all here and it's all good. How good? What if I told you I'm playing this fucker more than Watain or Nachtmystium right now? Goodness gracious! There goes my scene cred!

This is a pile-driving piece of blackened, crusty goodness from the wilds of Minnesota. I can't find much fault in any of it, but you've got to be one morose son of a bitch to appreciate what these guys are doing. "Cold Ghosts" hits like an obscene cross between New Orleans sludge and Bergen black metal and from there, the Wolves only get hungrier. The curiously titled "Whichery Artillery" amps things up even more with a very crude, flatterning assault with hideous vocals and a wonderfully raw guitar sound. "Das Kult" and "Call To Assimilate" do their best to bring back the spirit of Hellhammer, old Bathory and the like....incredibly gooey, catchy riffs to pound your head to dirt. "Suicide Brigade" is crawling doom like Eyehategod for the corpsepaint set. "A Cancer of Purity" and "Monolith" really show Wolvhammer's breadth, as the songs range from kick-ass punkgrind to weird depressing BM like Nachtmystium and finally, what sounds like electronic equipment being destroyed.

Misanthropy, you have a new champion...