“Rise of the Lycans”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Full blooded German power metal with plenty of thrash overtones is what Wolfen specialize in. If you like the heavier and faster side of Helloween, this is well worth checking out.

This is the sixth album from these German stalwarts, but it’s the first time I’ve heard them.  The record has a great LOUD production with maximum crunch on the guitars.  Most cuts are pacey power metal just shy of thrash, but some tracks like “Xenophobia”, “Timekeeper” and “Succubus” cut loose with full speed. “Science and Religion” is a slower semi-ballad and album ending “New World Order” has a moody bass-driven sound that brought Metal Church to mind. Vocals are clean and high, in the German power metal tradition. Another band Wolfen reminds me of is the great Iron Savior. The songs are in the five to six minute range….not overlong, but with enough time to breathe and develop.

I’ve had a hunger for heavy power metal like “Rise of the Lycans” for a while now.  These hairy hounds deliver fresh meat that satisfies the craving. Throw back your head and howl with Wolfen