“Run With The Hunted”

By Dr. Abner Mality

There are some albums that make your blood run faster just listening to them. Music that taps something deep in the brain on the primal level and makes you ready to ball your fists and right. This is what Wolfbrigade deliver on “Run With the Hunted”.

This is album #9 for the Swedish wolfpack and it has more raw power and urgency than their first. That is a rare accomplishment in itself.  I don’t know how they keep the energy so high but if they put it in a bottle and sold it, they wouldn’t need to make records. This is heavy music at its rawest…they call it lycanthro punk, but most call it d-beat.  Wolfbrigade have perfected it. “Nomad Pack” comes out howling and foaming at the mouth like something let out of a cage. It’s thick, heavy and blazingly fast. You can’t fight against it or argue with it. They may call it punk but its heavier than most metal. “Warsaw Speedwolf” shows the first track was no fluke…this shit rips. Despite the savagery of these tunes, there is an odd kind of melody hidden within the beatdown. “Kallocain” has a kind of Celtic feel while “Dead Cold” injects a bit more groove. But every track comes barreling down the track like a runaway train.

Do not overanalyze or think too much about Wolfbrigade and their music. Just get on all fours, snarl and get ready to run with the pack.