"Loyal to the Soil"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Wolf King play music that's tougher than a two dollar steak and with about as much flavor. Hard to put a finger on their style, which has elements of hardcore, black metal and groove ala Lamb of God. I do give them points for trying to vary their sound. Several tracks such as "Mortal Soil II" and "Sorrow's Reach" feature slower tempos with a doomy feel. There's also a glacial touch to the guitar sound which is hard to describe but which echoes black metal elements.

You would think that a unique combination of sounds would win points with me (and to a certain extent, it does), but it comes across rather flat. The vocalist in particular is quite monotonous with harsh throat-ripping screams that don't vary all that much, even when growling death metal grumbles appear in the background. The guys are trying hard, there's plenty of raw anger and despair here, but it is very much an in one ear and out the other kind of record that will not linger very long in the memory.

My hope is that Wolf King gets the chance to build on what they started here and come up with something that sticks in the brain longer. This steak needs sauce!