"End Of Time"

By Dr. Abner Mality

WIZARDS OF HAZARDS used to be known as BLACK WIZARD for many years and if you ask me, they should have stuck with the original name. WIZARDS OF HAZARDS just sounds clunky and awkward. Yet in a way, that kind of fits this band of Finnish doomsters. I can see the drawbacks to this album, but it grew on me like moss on an old tombstone. If ye seek the hoary sounds of Ye Olde Doom Metal in early SABBATH tradition, this will work just fine.

There's a strong feel of "Children of the Grave" and "Snowblind" to many of the WIZARDS tunes and they don't try to conceal it. The production fits that sound to a tee. Songs have that doomy atmosphere but actually they motor along pretty good. It's drums, bass and lead guitar in pure analog fashion. Watch out for the lead vocals, which are super fruity and dramatic in the style of another Finnish doom band...REVEREND BIZARRE. They take some getting used to and my eyes rolled at some of the more excessive parts, but it's definitely part of the charm here. With song titles like "Children of the Damned", "Witching Sabbath" and...wait for it..."Boots of Lead", you know what you're in for. And you know what? It works just fine if you're jonesin' for that "Master of Reality" vibe.

Pure old school doom's got it's place.