“Metal In My Head”

By Dr. Abner Mality

With power metal, it’s a very fine line between inspiring and foolish and WIZARD definitely jumps gleefully over that line. Hard to tell if some of this stuff is meant to be taken seriously. Half the song titles have the word “metal” in them and cliches are sprayed over everything like a thick coat of paint.

It’s a ham-fisted cross between HAMMERFALL and MANOWAR, but without the class of either. There are some tracks like “We Fight” and “Years of War” where you can put your brain under your chair and enjoy the cheesy power. Others, you just can’t take seriously. On the song “30 Years of Metal”, the overwrought lead singer croons about “metal friends forever on our side”, making the whole thing sound like something from “Barney the Dinosaur” gone metal. The token ballad “Whirlewolf” is dedicated to a fallen comrade and no weepy MANOWAR-ism is overlooked...”farewell, my brother, rest well”. I hoist my lighter to the fallen.

These guys have been around forever and a day, but I can see why they’ve never made the big breakthrough. This is the kind of band that will open for HAMMERFALL or GRAVE DIGGER, but never headline. But if you love tons of cheese with your power metal, dig in…