“Evil Strikes Again”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Seems that almost half the bands I review are coming out of South America these days. Many of them sound alike to the point where I find it hard to tell them apart, but Colombia’s WITCHTRAP has been around longer than 90% of them. It won’t be long until they reach the 30 year mark and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

The style is much in the vein of the evil German thrashers of the 80’s. You might confuse them with a a lot of the raging South American death thrashers but that would be doing them a disservice. Many of the South Americans favor a berserk, almost out of control war metal style. That’s not WITCHTRAP. The songs here are actually pretty controlled and well laid out while still have a wild edge. One listen to the like of “Midnight Rites”,  “Return To Hell” and “Death To False Metal” will convince you of the difference. OK, there’s nothing blindingly original about them, but the songs are all distinct from each other and are not “bestial” in the least. Think of DESTRUCTION’s “Eternal Devastation”  or maybe DEATHROW’s “Riders of Doom” for a quick comparison.

I also like the production here. Not too raw, not too polished. On the final track “Rhymes of the Insane”, the band uses a much more “composed” and atmospheric sound that gives just a hint of what they could do.

“Evil Strikes Again” and it gives us about 35 minutes or so of dark and catchy retro-thrash.