By Dr. Abner Mality

Witchsorrow continues to doggedly trudge the path of traditional doom metal and I suppose they are to be commended for it. They stick to their plan with unerring faithfulness and as a result we have straight up doom that’s as comfortable and cozy as an old shoe.

The PR sheet has a laundry list of classic doom bands Witchsorrow draws influence from, yet it curiously omits the band they perhaps sound like the most…Electric Wizard. Not the miserable slogging Wizard of “Time To Die”, but the cleaner and less distorted version. There’s also a pretty good dose of Reverend Bizarre and Count Raven here. It’s all heavy and plodding stuff. The title track is archetypal…some would say boilerplate…doom metal, with vocalist Necroskull sounding like Jus Oborne in his less druggy moments. “The Devil’s Throne” is hard-driving “fast” doom that bulldozes along very pleasingly. If I was to pick a favorite track, it would be the album ending “Like Sisyphus”, which crams a lot of meaty riffing into its 8-plus minutes.

There’s something to be said for having a reliable band you can always depend on to deliver a certain sound. Witchsorrow fit the bill for doom metal and while I don’t think they’ll ever have a truly blowaway album, you always know you’re gonna get a good gloomy pounding from them.