WITCHRIST "Beheaded Ourobouros" 

DIOCLETIAN "War of All Against All"

By Dr. Abner Mality

WAR has been declared against weak melodic death metal, twiddly deathcore and all feeble permutations thereof! The weapons are FILTH, DISEASE and MACABRE ATMOSPHERE which resembles the rotten contents of an ancient and ill-lit tomb. Leading the charge in this jihad are soldiers from the HELL down Under, New Zealand!

WITCHRIST don't even bother to fuck around with a long church organ intro, they launch into "Sorcerer of Lightning" after the briefest of sound effects. This putrid slice of dead meat comes from the same butcher shop where you can find Dead Congregation, Encoffination and of course, Incantation (and early Incantation, at that). No compromise! Suffocating doom, blasting grind and the stench of Satan's oily bowels permeate "Beheaded Ourobouros" and cuts like "Deathbitch" and "Devour The Flesh". Put Carnifex in a small room with these guys and see who gets eaten!

It should be no surprise that Witchrist contains several members from the more established N.Z. deathsquad DIOCLETIAN. Named after one of the most sinister emperors of yore, Diocletian is just as raw and primitive as their sister band, but much faster and war-like in approach. Think Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, early Sodom for comparisons. Although doomier bits do surface occasionally, this is machine gun velocity blackened death that hits like napalm. However, Diocletian pack JUST enough variation to avoid becoming a monochromatic blur. It's a subtle point, but an important one. I find myself preferring Witchrist a bit more, but you're gonna die a miserable death with these fiends anyway.

The carpet bombing of the weak has begun! It will only get worse from here!