“I Am Legion”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The career of Witchery jerks and lurches like a zombie struggling to escape its grave. It proceeds in fits and starts, with long periods of inactivity peppered by product released when you least expect it. Despite all the huge gaps in their activity, they never really die completely. “I Am Legion” is a new record out just a little over a year after their previous effort “In His Infernal Majesty’s Service”…that’s almost a record in rapid turnaround for these guys.

“I Am Legion” is the same mixture of thrash and black metal with catchy hooks that we’ve come to expect from Witchery. When I listen to their albums, I’m always entertained. Yet the minute the last song is over, nothing is retained. So it is with this one.  There’s a goofy and fun element to Witchery’s Satanic output that’s always present, but those crazy early albums will always remain my favorites. This is workmanlike output that ticks the right boxes but doesn’t break out of them.
Vocalist Angus Norder continues his grim and blackened approach, keeping the BM edge of what are mostly thrash metal songs like “Amun-Ra” and “Apex Ghoul”.  “Of Blackened Wing” has some doomy and very heavy touches that make it stand out a bit more. “An Unexpected Guest” is another one I like. Some tracks like “Seraphic Terror”  are just “there”.

I can’t say you will miss anything earth-shattering if you pass up “I Am Legion”, but the persistence of Witchery has to be admired. A band always reaching for the brass ring and never quite getting there.