"Black Metal"

by Octopi Mills

Magnus Pelander has taken on the album, "Black Metal", and it is a strange thing here...The album could and probably should have been a new solo release by Pelander as it is nothing like the WITCHCRAFT name you have come to know. Why it has been called "Black Metal" is another eccentric, strange, strange thing. There is no metal to be found but instead a little over thirty minutes of very stark and minimally performed folk songs which will be the most dull and boring thing some people would have ever guessed compared to the original band and sound, and it’s hard to see where he would be taking this on a stage show and that is where the jarring mystery lies. Some will find it dull as a hell, and I can see this entirely. (I can only imagine what Conrad from VENOM would think if he learns of this project. I would say some fur will fly..Dr. M)

This should have been a solo album, and this is plain. But, if you can appreciate simple folk relying on nothing but emotion, you may like this. I actually do, once past the aforementioned confusions. It can be compared to American musician Dax Riggs in a lot of ways, and though I know its probably not inspired, the two hit uncannily alike in ways. It is closer to this music than Townes Van Zandt, and closer to the melancholic approach  of the late English singer/songwriter Nick Drake only there are no other instruments at all, really. Just Pelander and a guitar, singing very slow, dark songs that sound as if they were written live in a stream of consciousness manner and played in one performance. Stark, dim, and strange. A good listen perhaps in the dead of night walking or driving through thick fogs.