"The Dark Hereafter"

By Octopi Mills

Winterfylleth means full moon in the old English, and here we have the mouthing pagan river that was opened in a blackened metal sense some years ago by natural means, and this is a good thing for old ways and elder studies. The album starts out with the title track, and treads old forest trails once trodden by many; like an old stag trail that was blazed by a horned buck for others to follow many years later. It is one that leads to tangling, dark places mixed with half lights, and to streaming things like running water and moonlight. The sound is polished brass, and so much like other reviews in production, that I save my words in this common phenomena. They will make use of sorrowful melodies, light strings and acoustics, and the commodity of the harsh vocal.

The third track offers something a bit unusual in a epic and melancholic melodic sense, though is somewhat bottle-necked in an evolutionary manner by the mundane vocals of just another black man metal hollering. "Green Cathedral"  works its way into the forest kingdom from the ground up by way of the classic mosses and nearly eternal lichens of the places where it was born; by the way of starlight and the northerly darkened places , where it knows it can never return to the stars, if it ever even came from there in such dreaming....there is a shamanic or nearly holy place in the end of the piece, and the vocals flow together like a forest sets itself into the slow paces of life and death. The promo tells tales of renown and honors, and the boys might be too busy to sit and grow mold with me or to watch next summer as the wood bees eat holes in the porch poles of an old cabin...  

I have been told by a little bird that the last track is an Ulver track from their catalog before the Norse band was turned into an international art exhibit stuck in a stage of using the color pink, and I chuckle lightly in three fold thought; thinking suddenly more of the ground hog I found hanging around a culvert lately than of anything that has to do with such tom foolery...