"The Threnody of Triumph"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Some of us in these days of electronic books and the Internet are disgusted with our era and seek the sounds and soul of an earlier time. The men of Winterfylleth are cut from such cloth and they put their admiration of ancient Britain into musical form. They use super charged, droning black metal to channel the spirit of that small yet mighty island.

If you're familiar with their previous work on "The Mercian Sphere" and "The Ghost of Heritage", then this record will be a welcoming return to form. They follow very closely in the footsteps of those earlier releases, unleashing sprawling and epic metal tunes where the guitar sound melts into a warm,gauzy drone. Think of a more aggressive and focused Wolves In The Throne Room. The sound can be considered monotonous and one-note by some and I wouldn't dispute that opinion strongly, but within the cacophony, strong melodies and the ghosts of elder days lurk. You can hear those ghosts in the shifting chords and subtle micro-melodies of "A Thousand Winters", in the growling opening to "The Glorious Plain" and most especially in the uplifting and majestic power of the title track. Raven throated croaks and deep groans give way to clean, manly choral singing such as one might hear in music of old.  "A Soul Unbound" slows the pace to more of a doomy tread and brief interludes like "Home Is Behind" and "Aefterield Freon" are a return to the pastoral folk of Britain's past, but the heart and soul of Winterfylleth can be found in the full throttle gallop of metal drone.

Not really hellbent on shuffling their sound, these British warriors are simply intent on perfecting their own tribute to the past, which you can sample on "A Threnody of Triumph".