“Eternal Return”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If any band can get away with sticking to a formula, it’s Windhand. Their sound is so hypnotic and compelling that I can easily forgive songs that pretty much sound the same. That’s because nobody yet has mastered the concept of “dream-doom” like these drone warriors. They suck you into their vortex every time.

“Eternal Return” does it again. The combination of ultra low tuned sludge, mournful psychedelia and the laid back crooning of Dorthea is irresistible. “Halcyon” and “Grey Garden” are so similar to each other with their riffing and vocal hooks that they might as well be one big song. But it’s a massive one that’s sure to get sludge/doom fans swaying and nodding. I will say that this album seems to slightly favor psychedelic sounds more than past Windhand output, especially with the acid-soaked guitar freakout “Light Into Dark”. There’s also some restrained “Americana” type moments on “Pilgrim’s Rest” and “Feather”.

But there’s plenty of tectonic plate shifting heaviness as well. “Red Cloud” and the mammoth “Eyeshine” are about as heavy as this band can get. The only real hang up for me was “Feather”, which just dragged way too long and had too much laidback stuff for me.

No one that’s enjoyed Windhand’s sound before can pass “Eternal Return” up. I can’t say it is my favorite album of theirs but it certainly fits neatly into the canon they’ve created so far.