By Dr. Abner Mality

I guess "Courtesans" or "Escort Girls" didn't have the same gritty ring as "Whores". Will you catch anything from these musical prostitutes? Fortunately, nothing more than sore neck muscles. They are a rough date but you won't be peeing blood after listening to "Clean".

This is the kind of noisy sludge rock I like. Whores is a trio that straddles the lines between noise rock and sludge metal with tremendous ease. At times, they sound like the scabby second cousin of Clutch, with weird song titles like "I Am Not A Goat Oriented Person" and "I Am An Amateur At Everything" to prove it. The riffing is incredibly infectious (as a good Whore should be) and very, very easy to latch onto. The vocals are thankfully not the sort of scorched earth screeching and bellowing that sludge bands have beaten into the ground. They are pretty "normal" but still with an edge to them and you can make out the oddball lyrics easily. There's also some extremely fat Electric Wizard/Windhand style riffs to show where the heaviness lies...check out "Blue Blood" and "I Am An Amateur At Everything" for some of that. And mixed throughout is some of that scratchy, off-kilter alt-rock feel in the style of AmRep and the early 90's.

It's a mini LP that leaves you hungry for more. Nothing here outstays its welcome, agonizing ten minute long bursts of feedback or endlessly repeating riffs. Whores know enough not to mess around. They do the job quick and get ready for the next trick. I like these guys. Hope they don't get nailed by the vice squad.