"Altar of the Goat Skull/VI"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is the kind of death/doom I can really sink my fangs into! Contrary to what the band name intimates. this is not a brutal gore metal album with squeally piglet vocals and cheesy robot drums. Think more of something like Japan's Coffins or England's Moss....a crawling, pestilential riff-fest that engulfs you in waves of slimy guitar tones. If you dig that cavernous, slow death metal sound, this will put a rictus grin of delight on your skull-like face.

It's a combination of two obscure EP's, released as a precursor to their upcoming full-length. This more than whets my palate. It's almost ridiculous in its simplicity....a lot of it sounds like riff jamming from a rehearsal session...but the actual riffing and the guitar tones are sick. I also like the way they keep things nice and compact....none of this crap where it takes ten minutes to deliver a riff or playing that riff for 20 minutes straight. Few tunes here extend past the four minute mark, giving things a nice punchiness. Vocals are pretty much what you'd expect, no surprises there, but they are almost an afterthought. The RIFF rules here...and there are some monster ones on cuts like "Buried In Darkness", "Black Coast" and "Bowels of Hell". There's some dreary melody in the longer "Sewer Dreams" and the guitar soloing on "The Temples of Perdition" sounds like Jus Oborn from Electric Wizard is manning the frets. Special notice should go to their earth-shaking cover of Sloth's "Sassy Pants". I shudder to think what the lyrics are about, but man, that riff is awesome!

A must for fans of gnarly death-doom!!!