"Our Endless War"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Out of the small town of Knoxville in east Tennessee the drums of war are sounding. The band called Whitechapel is setting the stage for an all out revolution. Whitechapel is a deathcore band that was founded in 2006. Their prior albums have hovered in the 40s on the  Billboard 200 list. I am usually cautious and skeptical of "core" bands that rank high on the charts so I went in to this thinking oh great a generic deathcore cookie cutter band that sounds like all the other deathcore bands.

But it would seem that these guys shit canned the cookie cutter and released "Our Endless War". It's a brutal collection of songs that pull heavily on the political and cultural ways that have driven society to the brink of a global collapse.  The album starts off with an instrumental titled "Rise", It is a slow march style tune with a hint of southern folk. The title track "Our Endless War" slams in with heavy riffs and blistering drums and the vocals are clean and easily understood. This line stood out to me: "My country tis of greed, sweet land of idiocracy" The song goes on to say that they (we) are fed up with the crap fed to us from Capitol Hill and it's time we put a stop to it before it is too late. For far too long we have been pitted against one another fighting over scraps while the powers that be rob us blind.
Now this is MY take on this.  While I don't think marching in to Capitol Hill armed to the teeth is a good idea and I saw no reference of going in armed in the lyrics, an angry populace with reasonable demands will go a lot farther than a few nuts with guns. So let your voice be heard.

Fast forward to number six titled "Worship The Digital Age". This is another song that is a very real issue in our age of technology. We have become so at one with our gadgets, phones, things to tell us where to go and how to get there that we are forgetting how to be human and we have sold our souls to "Worship The Digital Age".This album is quite a work and deals with quite a lot of subjects that we all deal with on a regular basis. The tenth track titled Diggs Road deals with the difficulties of loss and mourning stemming from suicide. The lyrics and guitar are haunting and quite thought provoking... you will have to listen to it to understand because written words can't do it justice.

Whitchapel is definitely a force to be reckoned and the message on this album is one that every one should here, it makes no difference if you are into metal or not, it makes no difference if you are ultra liberal or ultra conservative, it makes no difference who, what or if you worship. The bottom line is that we are all carbon based life forms being controlled by the few. We are pitted against one and other fighting over scraps of rotting meat while the powers that be steal your money, freedom, and individually. With all the crap going on in the past few years maybe it is time to march?

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