"Doomicvs Vobiscvm"

by Octopi Mills

Weird Light is no more, but the album was put together through posthumous means so one might be able to hear it, as one sometimes hears dead people come through an old copper pipe ran into an underground well or cistern place on an old homestead. Old sounding doom, by god; traditional doom, is at hand here, and as with all things traditional, there must a adherence to certain laws and codes, lest the legacy be broken and men run wild like ungoverned children. In other words, no inter-marital relations between metal and hip-hop is allowed, nor will you hear Elton John influences on a double date with Conway Twitty at a water park employing the use of the new,hot, buttered glaze applied to a rim section of slightly muted french horns.  There will not be electronica  with a thin, Christian rock soup applied over the entire affair. 

These rules make for good company, and ensure we will not be bullied by men abroad or at home who run the lengths of their guitar necks up and down in a most technical and mentally diseased manner, as if they are groping themselves through a role playing scenario that the unfortunate instrument has to pay the price for. You know the types; the nearly pornographic guitar hero culture turned informant with their local internet provider. Here we have old fashioned doom metal, and there is nothing more or nothing less. There are four tracks of good doom metal presented here, without a chance for furthering an already vanished career.  At the end of the day, what more can you ask for? As if the rules are not open enough to allow for all freedom in the world, some will complain there was not enough horse play with the strings, at which point they should be redirected to instructional videos by arm chair professionals more proficient that I.