By Dr. Abner Mality

Weekend Nachos have called it a day and they make their exit the same way they came in…pissed off and brutal beyond belief. How these guys flew under the national radar for the last 7 or 8 years, I have no clue. No wonder they are angry! Even in their Chicago-area home, they didn’t get the recognition they deserved for churning out the absolute heaviest and angriest hardcore on the planet.

Nothing has changed with “Apology”. I get the feeling that album title is meant very ironically, since they don’t apologize for anything. The x-ray of mangled hands on the cover is the sonic equivalent of what you get on the inside. “2015” is a tale of fury, of concrete slabs falling on your head from a great height while King Kong roars in defiance. Most death metal bands wouldn’t have a prayer of equaling this colossal weight. The breakdowns that Weekend Nachos come up with are just utterly ridiculous in how down-tuned and vicious they are. The vocals are heaved up right from the bowels and sound like the dude is trying to pass a brick. The word “fuck” gets used a lot and never with more contempt.

The band operates at whirlwind speed (“Fake Political Song”, “Judged”) or crawling doom tempo (“POW-MIA”, “Eulogy”) but most often they meet in the middle. This is the kind of band Hatebreed would like to be, but they play pop music next to Weekend Nachos. When the time comes for the band to wave goodbye, they do it with a nine-minute plus title track…doomy and downbeat, with a transition to a stark piano motif, before returning with lumbering crush for the final funeral march. They begin with screaming feedback and end with it as well.

Members of Weekend Nachos will continue in Like Rats but whether that band can equal this one remains to be seen. Go out and grab this and you’ll feel like kicking your mother in the head with a steel-toed boot. RIP, Nachos!