"World's Blood"

By Lord Randall

Colorado’s WAYFARER has been at it for a bit now, now arriving at that all-important 3rd album. It’s make or break time, at least to my ears. Time to determine if the level of quality found within Children Of The Iron Age and Old Souls is to be maintained, expanded on, or – worst case scenario – left behind, a bleached bison skull in the blinding sun as the members “experiment” their way into oblivion. 

‘Animal Crown’ thunders into the foreground, hooves galloping in unbridled abandon ‘cross the plains, these four mustangs, foam flecking from bared teeth neither in anger nor fear, but passion. Near-martial cadences bear aloft to the close, and into ‘On Horseback They Carried Thunder’, winding TARNATION-esque guitars (think Gentle Creatures more than Mirador) at once winsome and weathered. As much the sum of its influences as most music is, there’s something quintessentially, marrowbone-deeply American about the tones and textures at work here, leading us to idly wonder if WAYFARER could have sprung from any other clime, before confirming the negative. When songs approach the ten-minute mark, their grasp on attention tends to become tenuous at best, but not so here, ‘The Crows Ahead Cry War’ gyring languidly menacing, eager for the carrion feast before sonic beaks, claws slash and rend the findings, only to perch on an outcropping, the battle long ended, resting, gorged on death. ‘A Nation Of Immigrants’ invokes ritual chant, at times evoking ACROSS TUNDRAS, others NECHOCHWEN at its most primitive, yet always – and this is important – always, WAYFARER. 

And thus, not the broken clock, correct but twice a day. Not the blind archer hitting his mark against all odds, World’s Blood flows. It pulses. It rushes through the heart of Nature. 

May it ever…