"Trident Wolf Eclipse"

By Theron Moore

I hate hipsters.  And somehow these scum dwellers embraced black metal and how I’ll never understand how it happened, but, they kind of made black metal hip.  For a little while, anyway.  Pass.  No thanks.  Let me tell you something.  Watain isn’t for them.  Watain is what black metal was meant to sound like.  Harsh.  Bleak. Unforgiving.  Oh, and best of all?  Their new record, “Trident Wolf Eclipse,” is a card carrying, hipster-killing machine.  

What attracts me to this band is the fact that Watain isn’t paint by numbers when it comes to their music.  “Trident Wolf Eclipse” is the musical embodiment of pure evil.  It’s black metal without a leash and without rules.  It’s untamed and heavy as hell.  The band isn’t afraid to change up musical styles and slow it down when the song dictates it nor do they hold back when a full on musical assault is called for.  They actually make music for the sake of making damn good metal.  Go figure, right?

Two songs in you get hit with “Sacred Damnation” which lays down the law quick.  Metal is the rule of day here.  What strikes me about this record, in general is, how Watain’s music just outright pummels you.  There’s no warning, there’s no anything.  It’s an ass kicking, pure and simple.  They don’t hold back and they don’t let up.  Their intensity level is spot on, 100% of the time.  Every song is as heavy if not heavier than the one before it, which makes me wonder what this band must look and sound like live.  It has to be insane.

Fast and vicious.  Don’t take those two words lightly when describing “Trident Wolf Eclipse.”  Look at the song, “Furor Diabolicus,” for example.  Aggressive beyond belief.  Like having your spine torn from your body and snapped in half.  And if that wasn’t enough, “Ultra (Pandemoniac)” ups the ante even further.  This song in my opinion, is the best track on “Trident Wolf Eclipse.”  It’s everything metal was meant to be regarding this genre.  And it’s accessible.  If you dig metal or extreme music, you’ll pick up on this band quick.

In some respects, this disc reminds me of what Venom’s “Black Metal” might sound like if it were made today.  And speaking of Venom, Watain channel this legendary band throughout this record whether they realize it or not.  I can even hear bits and pieces of Hellhammer as well.  All in all a good offering.  “Trident Wolf Eclipse” won’t disappoint.  It’s pretty goddamn intense.  Buy the record, support the scene.