"Iconic Nightmare"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Somehow this album passes over and around me like a patch of fog. I take note of it when I am surrounded by it but forget it once it is past. This is no fault of Wisconsin's Wartorn, because I am sure they put their heart and soul into this piece of plastic. It just doesn't really make much of a mark on me.

They play a raw yet occasionally melodic style of d-beat inspired thrash that is direct and to the point. Nothing wrong with that kind of music, but there's an awful lot of it floating through the ether these days, even on Wartorn's home label Southern Lord, who seem crazed to corner every unvarnished punky thrash band on the planet in the last two years. Unfortunately, "Iconic Nightmare" is a middle of the road kind of release. It doesn't have the savage melodic brilliance of Wolfbrigade's "Damned" nor the utter filth and unhinged chaos of Kromosom's "Live Forever".

No doubt these guys are pissed, as song titles like "All Flags Still Burn", "Knee Deep In Blood" and "Six Feet Under" show. I feel their pain but it doesn't hurt deeply enough to remember. Wartorn play good, dark thrashy tunes...and that's about it.

A decent record but not something to go out of your way to purchase.