“The End of Humanity”

By Derelikt Waugh

Ah, the Netherlands. Could there be a more aptly named country to give rise to such punishing, groove-oriented death metal making sacrifice to the old gods (namely, Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and Benediction)? Methinks not, but then again, I’m an idiot. Anyway, this is the second full length from these juggernauts of morbidly mid-paced death metal. Yeah, it’s all here fiends: Raw aggression, unrelenting d-beats, down-tuned and fuzz-fueled bass work, crushing, memorable riffs and an ultra-heavy vocal attack that quite frankly sounds nothing like their previously mentioned influences. In my humble opinion, the vocals are truly what sets Warmaster apart from a plethora of other quality bands paying tribute to the ancient ones. Their vocals are absolutely terrifying! I fucking love it!

 Anyway, enough about the vocals alone, let’s get back to the album as a whole.  This is a solid slab of pure, war-induced rage. It’s as maliciously slow and steady as a panzer division rolling over an army of unarmed children and every bit as malicious. No, they aren’t as good as Bolt Thrower, but who is (besides Bolt Thrower themselves)? They do, however, play this kind of death metal alarmingly well. There’s even a healthy sprinkling of doom added to the already extremely volatile mix of ingredients, making for a truly deadly aural experience. “The End of Humanity” is eleven tracks made to supply the soundtrack for the final battle at the end of all things civilized. Show me your war face, soldier!

P.S. Don’t miss their split with Malaysian death metal monsters, Humiliation! It’s another killer!