"Spectre of Devastation"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Nine times out of ten (maybe more), the key to a successful thrash metal album is simply to thrash. That's it. Don't overthink it, don't spend too much time showing how "versatile" you are...just get in the trench and break necks. Sweden's WARFECT seems to have taken this to heart and the result is a nice little injection of adrenaline that accomplishes its limited goals well.

The real surprise is that WARFECT blocks out most other genres, which is unusual for Swedish bands, who try to add melodic death metal or black metal to a lot of their efforts. Not here. The brief title track intro does sound a bit like Gothernburg stuff, but that doesn't last long and then "Pestilence" arrives to decapitate you with a blazing SLAYERish attack. The sound here is nice and crisp and oho, take a look at who's twiddling the knobs here...Fleming Rasmussen! A pretty good name to have on your side. WARFECT seems to draw a bit more from Bay Area thrash, but there's some KREATOR or SODOM feel here as well. A particularly strong tune is "Left To Rot", which has a great "chug" to it but turns on the jets beautifully when it cuts loose with screaming thrash. That is the best cut here, although "Into the Fray" and "Dawn of the Red" don't trail by much.

It's not all wine and roses. I thought "Colossal Terror" was a pretty boring stab of "plod-thrash" and although this band are sharp players, they don't  exactly have a distinct sound of their own. They are clearly a band that sounds like their influences and not themselves. But remembering the maxim I started the review with, they just go ahead and thrash and they do a pretty solid job of it.