"Robots, Rockets & Rampage"

By Dark Starr

The easy thing to classify about this EP is that it's heavy metal. Fitting it within the various subgenre is just not something that would be easy to do. There is definitely an old school element at play, perhaps a bit like the raw edge of NWOBHM. There is a more modern nu-metal edge in some ways, too, though. Add in some techno/industrial influences, and you will find yourself in the right neighborhood. However you label it, though, this is very heavy and fairly satisfying stuff. It's not for everyone, but those who dig their metal with some modern edges, but without the over-polished aspect that a lot of newer metal has, will find something to please on this set. 

An industrial, techno edged sound opens the opening cut, "Vasnetsov." As it works out to the song proper a more stripped back arrangement serves as the backdrop for a spoken vocal. It shifts out from there to more of a powered up industrial metal section for the chorus. This makes me think of something like Rammstein, but with more of a progressive metal edge on the mellower segments. 
Much more of a pure metal (minus all the industrial sound) jam, "Mortal Cage" is a killer tune. It's meaty and heavy. With some seriously heavy sound at its heart, "This Evil" seems to combine modern and old school metal sounds into a cool sonic tapestry. It's a powerhouse stomper with some interesting moments.