"Wampus Cat"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Alright folks, Now I am about to tell you about a little known band called Wampus Cat. They are one of my local favorites and are super talented in the dark arts of Southern Sludge Doom Metal. Founded around 2009 these guys are hitting the local spots and spreading their own brand of evil.
Coming from the darkest reaches  of the hills of Knoxville Tennessee, Wampus Cat crawled out of the blackness to offer up some serious sludgy doom with their self titled album Wampus Cat.
When the first track starts you know you are in for a sludgy doom ride. Using H.P. Lovecraft inspired lyrics and foundation rattling sounds,  the heavy bass, thundering drums  powerful riffs and vocals  will chill you to bone.I had the pleasure of seeing these cats live a time or two and they are a class act and hell of a nice bunch.

The band consists of 4 members Jordan Sangid: Guitar, Vocal. Courtney Bryant: Bass Guitar. Andrew Bryant: Drums, Vocal. Bill Bridges: Guitar, Samples.
The album "Wampus Cat" is a good solid work that is well thought out and quite interesting. They touch on dark subjects like Snake Handling and track 5 "Ancestor Worship" is a slow haunting look into the religious aspect of snake handling.

My top pick is the first track titled "Wampus Cat". It starts with heavy feedback and drone of the guitars, the vocals will haunt you with a wild animal sound that makes you think it is coming to eat your soul and drag you to hell. I highly recommend seeking out this rare album, It is a good one and well worth the effort to locate.If you hit up the band's Facebook page you will find some great tracks to listen to and feel the claws of the Wampus Cat.