"Blood of the Vampire"

By Octopi Mills

From "parts unknown" comes this vulgar little tumor. The promo speaks of honoring the ancient ways of black metal "back before circus clowns ruined anything qualified as 'vampiric'. It speaks of France's VLAD TEPES as possibly being a reference, if i were to reach out and try to find a guard rail in such a statement or make a short story even longer. Furthermore, it is said to be inspired by the 1922 film, “Nosferatu”. Ah, the old vampire thing. It really gets me to thinking of how the whole culture sprang up like an old mold on cheese on the good old dinner table of collective mankind. There are the sort of erotic circus freaks that immediately spring to mind in nightmare; like a sort of TV culture talkshow...Then there's the true believers who take it...somewhere further? Hell, I've never been quite there myself but if I look to my right there's a huge black and white photo of Lugosi hanging with me like a bat in my old sea captain's tavern right now. I could talk of Simon's Quest music or...but I wont keep you that long..we haven't even set a pry to the lid of this fresh pine coffin yet.

Right out of the box it has assembled itself in the rotting garb of yesteryear and the nostalgic yore of what needs to happen in such a context. The production is necrotic, low fi and classic in a black metal sense and creates a foggy atmosphere to obscure the old roads of thought. The music itself bleeds together with this atmosphere and lurks therein. "Blood of the Ancients" is a typical song title and the guitars take you to a dark place like a mid-paced coach ride into Carpathia. It appears that even the album art itself is simple; black and white with only a stark logo. This isn't the Jerry Springer goth rock vampire who cross dresses in his mother's panties but the uglier, monstrous sort of corpse; the kind that could wind up with a little jail time on a certain night where things are taken too far. But then again this is an ambitious assumption; mouthy and speculative.

If there is a romantic notion, it seems to be in the sense of keeping the old night chill of classic, dark nostalgia alive in the sense that old black metal did. "Cadaveric Winter" has moments in the guitar of black jollity, as the strings thus far keep a certain mode of scale bequeathed to us all . It is the sort of mode worked up by Fenriz on “Transylvanian Hunger” and set to a noble blaze and crafted further by such greats as MOONBLOOD -this is the sort of thing going on behind your backs here. By the first song I knew they were here for the music, as they could never disguise it. The sound of old castles backlit by moonlight and of night flights into the open air is where this takes me like the wing in the sky- and that's where I find true plumb and level a lot of the time myself anyhow. It doesn’t open up any new vistas but rather opens the night realm, and this is what it damned well should do, and it's like a ticket for this. It's a shame there are only four songs here, but perhaps that is the way. I recommend this, as it is like a ride or flight. Perhaps we shall see more of this project.