By Dr. Abner Mality

I first encountered the name of Vulcain in the very early 80's when I was just beginning to explore the metal underground. They were one of a handful of bands trying to put France on the metal map, along with Sortilege and Nightmare. Here we are in 2018 and the grizzled Frogs have offered up "Vinyle" on the burgeoning Season of Mist label. With Motorhead in oblivion and AC/DC not exactly doing their best work, Vulcain fills a needed niche in the metal scene. I doubt very much if "Vinyle" is much different than what the band was doing in the 80's.

The press sheet quite rightly describes the band as hard rock in the vein of early Motorhead and AC/DC and this is right on. Greasy, gritty riff rock that's easy on the brain. The band favors two styles....there are racing, fast Motorhead like songs such as "Dans Les Livres" , "Heros" and "Motor". No attempt is made to cover up Vulcain's influences. Then there are catchy mid-paced crunchers following the path of AC/DC and also Rose Tattoo. These tunes include the title track, "Borderline" and "Controle". Vocalist Daniel Puzio sounds like he's done his share of whiskey and cigarettes, but if you are put off by French lyrics, Vulcain is not for you. I don't think that's much of a problem because I doubt if the band is talking about anything more sophisticated than getting drunk and chasing skirts.

There are a couple of bluesier tunes such as "Decibels" and "L'Oseille" also along for the ride and tipping the hat to the source of all rock and metal music. In the final analysis, pick up Vulcain if you think of Lemmy or Bon with a tear in your eye.