“In Death”

By Theron Moore

VORACIOUS SCOURGE is an old school death metal band formed by Jason McIntyre (SUTURE) in 2017. The band also features Tony Choy (ATHEIST/PESTILENCE), Adrie Kloosterwaard (SINISTER), Mike Smith (SUFFOCATION) and Billy Richard. “In Death” is the band’s first full length offering. Their previous record was an EP recorded in 2018 entitled “Our Demise”.

“In Death” is 10 tracks of familiar sounding late 80’s/early 90’s Floridian style death metal. The music is good for what it is and the band generally sounds cohesive and tight. “In Death” is heavy, brutal and aggressive and it checks off just about every box I have for what death metal, specifically old school death metal, should sound like. The problem is, I don’t hear anything new or exciting nor does the music really grab me.

When MALEVOLENT CREATION released “The Ten Commandments” , I was blown away. When OBITUARY released “Cause of Death”, that record raised the bar for what death metal should sound and look like.  The same holds true for CANNIBAL CORPSE and “Tomb of the Mutilated”. That’s why I caught all 3 bands on tour in 1992. That’s why I bought their records and merch. I don’t have that same connection with VORACIOUS SCOURGE.

I was five songs into “In Death” before I took notice that, holy Hell, I was five songs into the record. Nothing unique or interesting stood out for me except the Monty Python “bring out your dead” intro to Track #4. Tracks #2 and #3 had semi-similar musical signatures regarding how the songs sounded when they started. 

VORACIOUS SCOURGE play good death metal but “in Death” is too paint by the numbers for me. This band has solid musicianship and a grasp of the genre regarding all things old school death metal but I didn’t feel their identity coming through any of the songs on this record. As much as I’d like to give “In Death” a ringing endorsement, I can’t. But I do urge you, dear reader, to check the band out for yourself. You may hear something I didn’t.