"Broken Heart Syndrome"

By Colonel Angus

OK, I know there is still more than half a year to go but so far, Broken Heart Syndrome is in my top 5 releases of 2011.  I know that is a bold statement given so early in the year but Voodoo Circle has crafted a near perfect album.  The only song that slightly fails is “Heal My Pain” and that is only because it is among stellar tunes.  Voodoo Circle has created a disk full of tracks influenced by my favorite bands.  Bands like Rainbow, Whitesnake, and Deep Purple are all represented here along with a few others like Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, and even Accept.  Even though some of those bands still exist and continue to put out music, they are not making music this good.  If you are yearning to hear some great blues n’ roll vein like early Whitesnake, just give a listen to “No Solution Blues”, “Devil’s Daughter” and album closer “Stranger Lost In Time”.  If you want some classic sounding Deep Purple, then select “King Of Your Dreams” on your CD player (or iPod).  Both eras of Rainbow (I’m not counting the Graham Bonnet or Doogie White eras – 1 record a piece does not constitute an era) are represented her with the Ronnie James Dio-esque “The Heaven’s Are Burning” and the Joe Lynn Turner sounding “I’m In Heaven”.  Voodoo Circle is not necessarily copying those bands but they are channeling those styles through their songs.  Let’s face it, most of my favorite bands are not making music like they used to; for whatever reason.

 David Readman puts in a great vocal performance throughout.  On many occasions he sounds like a younger blusier David Coverdale but on other tracks, he has his own style.  His voice is perfect for this style of music.  Alex Beyrodt does a great Blackmore but also has a bit of Hendrix in him.  His playing on “Blind Man” is a good example of that.  This is definitely a guitar record but he gives the keyboards plenty of room shine.  Jimmy Kresic complements Beyrodt just like Beyrodt complements him.  The sound is very much in the vein of a Blackmore/Lord or Blackmore/Carey.  Laying down a solid foundation for all of this is Mat Sinner (bass) from Primal Fear and Markus Kullmann (drums).  All of these guys are masters of their craft but together they manage to transcend that by being greater than the sum of the pieces.

 AFM records has got a great release on their hands.  I will admit that something like Broken Heart Syndrome will not necessarily appeal to a Korn or Limp Bizkit but there is a whole big world out there looking for this type of release.  Fans like me are starved for good quality rock/metal like this so there is no reason this does not get added to many people’s collections.  If you are a fan of Whitesnake, Rainbow, and Deep Purple, you would be stupid not to buy Broken Heart Syndrome.  That’s right, I said it.  I stand by those words.  I can’t see this record not making it into my top 5 for 2011.