"Pestilent Death"

By El Chief

The Australian thrash metal band Vomitor are a lot like the fans of Netflix's "Stranger Things." They all want to turn back the clock to 1983. Their fourth album "Pestilent Death" continues their style of classic Slayer-era worship, providing almost no discernible difference between "Pestilent Death" and Slayer's "Show No Mercy," (released in, of course, 1983).

If you're a fan of Kerry King's monotonous style of "duh duh duh duh dah" rhythm guitar, then the seven tracks on "Pestilent Death" are going to leave you very, very happy.  That is, if you can get past the ridiculously bad production. Vomitor is fully embracing that early '80's sound, including the recording-this-in-your-garage levels on those God-awful mix tapes we had to pass around to avoid hearing the shit spewing forth on Top 40 radio (Supertramp anyone?).

Look, there's nothing wrong with Vomitor. For 20 years, they've been one hell of a warmup act that you can break a sweat to in the pit before losing your soul to more distinct bands like Behemoth. But while there's nothing wrong with "Pestilent Death," there's absolutely nothing new either.