VOMIT ANGEL “Sadomatic Evil” 12 inch 


By Dr. Abner Mality

Sometimes sick and primitive is the best way to go. That’s what Vomit Angel prove compared to their Iron Bonehead brethren Funeral Storm and Celestial Rite. Here we have a couple of deep underground mini-LP’s courtesy of the always subterranean Iron Bonehead label. Vomit Angel are a couple of comical looking tubby guys with silly headgear out of Denmark who deliver a sleazy, slimy assault of primitive, grooving sickness on “Sadomatic Evil”. This stuff has all the class and shine of a Russian bestiality video but I can’t help digging it. Imagine Hellhammer jamming with Archgoat or Khold being violently raped by Autopsy. But in common with all the previously named bands, Vomit Angel is perversely catchy and you will headbang like a fiend along tunes like “Sadomator”, “Time Travel” and the supremely sludgy “Female Goat Perversion”. I feel like taking a bath after listening to these guys but I’ll be grinning in the shower.

Funeral Storm and Celestial Rite hail from Greece and are touted as big players in the BM scene there. I thought Funeral Storm’s two tracks flat out sucked. Monotonous black metal with thin and tinny synthesizers, by the numbers riffs and generally uninspired presentation. Some melodic BM bands can conjure up a feeling of evil melancholy but Funeral Storm is far from being in that select bunch. I doubt we’ll be hearing from them again. I know we won’t be hearing more from Celestial Rite…they’ve already broken up. Their two tracks are marginally better than Funeral Storm’s and seem to owe more to traditional Norwegian black metal. But it’s still pretty average fare and I don’t think they’ll be missed too much.

Iron Bonehead is better off sticking with primitive, blasting stuff like Vomit Angel. Their ear for melodic black metal is definitely not there.