“Dark Days of the Soul”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This infernal trio hails from Poland but sounds like they come directly from the snowy climes of Scandinavia. They play a direct and teeth-rattling combo of Swedish death metal with crusty D-beat and punk influences ala Disfear, Wolfbrigade and Anticimex. Believe me, that will unclog your sinuses in a hurry.

When they hit their stride as they do on the atom-smashing title track, “Man of Dark Secrets” and “Void Is Where The Heart Is”, they can tear down walls and rip the spine right out of you. This album is produced and mixed perfectly for the kind of music it is. Imagine Wolfbrigade with a slightly more pronounced death metal edge and maybe not as much shouting and you have Voidhanger. They are pretty basic and direct, but “Naprzod Donikad” does show a slightly different side with dissonant guitar and a cold, almost black metal feel.  Last song “Hailing the Devil In Me” tries for a slightly more epic feel but just drags too long.

These boys are better when they keep things simple and brutal. A pretty crushing release.