VOID ROT "Consumed By Oblivion" 

WITCH KING "Voice of the Ossuary"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here we plunge into the depths of a death metal abyss but we do so in radically different ways.Void Rot is a new configuration from Minnesota and with their debut EP, they explore the morbid misery of death doom. They are compared to Spectral Voice and Disma, but in honesty they are not yet at the level of those two titans of tarpit torment. The three songs here all pretty much sound like the same tune, featuring eerie flanged guitar tones that transform into ugly, trudging death in slow fashion. I knew what the vocals would sound like before I even heard them and I'll bet you will, too. Yep, its ghastly grumbles from a dark cavern of doom. I am a fan of funeral paced death/doom but I've got to hear more variation from Void Rot. They have the basics of the style down pat, but a whole album sounding like this would be unbearably tedious.

Witch King are from Rhode Island and they opt to sound like Satan's blast furnace set on extra toasty. This shit is RAW and almost uncontrolled, reminding me of some of the really underground death metal of the early 90's. It's almost as much grindcore as death metal and if you like your DM nasty and produced with zero gloss, you might dig these guys. But as with many bands in the chaos metal ilk, they lack memorability. Many of the early songs are infernal blasts and nothing else. However, there is hope: When we get to "Howling Beyond the Veil" and "Mocking the Seraphim", slower and more controlled riffs begin to pop up, providing welcome contrast to the unrestrained bestiality. These tunes and the album ending "Astral Desecration" show that Witch King may evolve into something more than just putrid insanity. May it be so!