"Sulfurous Prayers of Blight and Darkness"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The BEAST has arrived and its number is SICK SICK SICK! Void Meditation Cult plays some of the most diseased, Satanic sounding filth to ever crawl up from the bowels of hell. Wow, this makes even recent super-nasty stuff like Maveth and Binah look polished!

Arising from the ashes of the charmingly named Sperm of Antichrist,  VMC specialize in down-tuned low-fi churn that has a naturally diabolical sound. Archgoat is kinda similar, but what gives extra creepiness to these fiends is their use of WHISPERING vocals. I have heard this done before, but never as effectively as here. While stomach-roiling sub-Incantation riffage wrecks your mind, some evil priest whispers the lyrics sibilantly, like a snake given human form. Don't worry, effects amp up the volume of the whispering, so it is not totally overwhelmed by the tunes.

Culled from old demos and Sperm of Antichrist material, this sucker provides not one second of relief from total sonic devil worship. I love this kind of dark primitivism when done correctly and Void Meditation Cult have indeed done it correctly. All of the tracks here are effective, but if I had to pick the sickest of this ill bunch, it would probably be "All of the Devil's Temple", which hardly sounds like human beings have played it.

For maniac worshippers of old Beherit, Teitanblood, Encoffination and more! Only the depraved need apply!