"Born of the Dark"

By Theron Moore

Melodic death metal.  I don’t know whether to spit my beer out at disgust for bands wanting to make death metal melodic or keep drinking hoping VOR progressively sound better.  Well, three beers in and the band isn’t changing my mind with “Born of the Dark.”  As you can tell this review won’t be going the way of Voices of Ruin, and that’s fine, not everything can be a score.  “Born of the Dark” is an eight song record and at song six I’m still not convinced.  Here’s my major complaint -- The band lacks depth and identity and that gets reflected in the songs which aren’t half bad, just not fully evolved to where they need to be.  Track 7, which I’ll talk about later, is the one song that represents VOR the best.  

Musically speaking, this record is OK, but if they’d drop the melodic death metal tag and just go the heavy thrash route, I’d get it, that works for me.  I get it, melodic death metal is the new vegan, but what I hear on “Born of the Dark” is too promising to be hidden away by that moniker.  I hear elements of power metal, a little black metal, some Dragon Force-y stuff, death metal and above all, heavy thrash.  Track 7 “Exiled Into Darkness” is the best song on this record when it comes to this heavy thrash sound. The song destroys.  

The other songs on the record meander into all the above mentioned territories and I think the songs themselves get lost this way, maybe even forgettable.  Take the last song on the record, , “Blacked Out.”  Another cool tune that kinda gets lost somewhere between the melodic death thing, heavy thrash and even a power-ish type metal sound.  I will say this in favor of the band.  When the songs click, they rock.  But overall?   “Born of the Dark” doesn’t sell me enough to wanna buy their record.  If I have cash to burn, I’ll buy RAM’s “Svbversvm” instead.  That album rocks and I know who RAM are as a band.