By Octopi Mills

Here we have something different, something called Voices, and it is said there are members of Akercocke involved. At first, it comes off as almost sounding like Anathema, which is a bold statement on the part of this author, but one to which i will hold. Everything changes as the deathly metal comes in, and there are hybrid parts that make centaurs out of the musician, and murderers of convention. The second track is artistic and epic, ending with a bit of spoken word. "The actress" is short and strange, with twisted guitars and a city slicker feel. The music can go from pounding to sounding like a scene from a David Lynch film in the bat of an eye, and the fellow on guitar sure likes to do squealing harmonics, a disease i have spoke of in other reviews to be the best or to show that man can do something somehow....and it sounds like some sociopath who took a art class, until finally killing the teacher. And painting her nude body....

The spoken word pieces here are heard again, and add a sort of urban poetry to the album, talking of humans, maggots and rats and the city. "Megan" is weird as hell , like a bipolar woman trapped in a high rise apartment, and the twisted city of guitars have their way with her, of course. This album is artsy as hell, though done in a way that is dark and mentally ill. As it goes on, i could say this and that, how they merge modern poetry with urban, black city decay in a artistic concept, but you just have to hear it...Metal has never been quite done this way before, and something is to be said of that..."The Fuck Trance" says it all, and is a meltdown at best, a fucking artistic meltdown.

New bands should take note of their prowess, and stop making music if you can't do something worth doing. All in all, though i may never listen to this again, it is relevant in this age..take care, my fellows, and be good to yourself on this night.

From the demi plane of shadow,
Octopi Mills