"Razed to the Ground"

By Sgt Deth

I’ve been listening to VOD since the 90’s. They have definitely evolved over the years. Each album has been a little different in its production quality and overall sound. This latest release has excellent production quality and its sound ranges from traditional hardcore all the way to downright eerie. One thing I have always liked about VOD is its unique vocal compositions, and this one does not disappoint. 

One good example is “Cut My Teeth”, where there are like four different vocal styles and many great guitar change ups as well. That track is where heavy metal and hardcore metal tires hit the road together. These guys have always demonstrated that mix so well. Then there are a lot of tracks that are reminiscent of old Marilyn Manson or Corrosion of Conformity (I know, what a combination). Such as track 7, “Blood on the Walls”. But, there are songs that are more punk metal driven, such as “Electric Sky”. That track is an example of my “downright eerie” comment above…the vocals along with the overall sound of the song really trip me out.

I listen to this one quite frequently. There is some powerful material here. If I need a shot of energy, this is one I go to. No slow lame ballads here. I would highly recommend this to any metal fan that doesn’t mind their speakers taking a beating.