"Expendable Humans"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you are feeling pissed off enough to kick the dog through the window or maybe take a strap to your young 'un, may I suggest a less harmful alternative? Slip in "Expendable Humans" by the East Coast's Vise Massacre and you will find that your anger is really not that intense after all.

Wow, this is hardcore so furious that it will peel paint right off the wall! Hailing from the always courteous East Coast, Vise Massacre can best be described as RELENTLESS, as there is barely five seconds of relief on this entire record. Ordinarily, a 31 minute release would get a frown from me, but in this case, it's the perfect length because you would either not be able to take any more of the sheer fury here or else you'd get numb to it. But 31 minutes and 14 tracks of hardcore hell is just about right. This is even more intense than the usual NYHC, since there's little emphasis on singalong catchiness. Vise Massacre comes across like "In The Meantime" Helmet colliding into "Reign In Blood" Slayer with a slight flavoring of early Voi Vod tossed into the mix. Even slower cuts like "Stranger" offer no relief and the faster ones such as "Paralyzer", "Eyes of Fire" and "Brain Decay" are utterly merciless...especially with a vocalist who sounds like he wants to kill every stinkin' member of your worthless family. He doesn't growl, he doesn't shriek, he just sounds like he's ready to blow.

Gonna be pretty hard to come by hardcore more brutal than this...I can barely walk!