By Octopi Mills

The album "Orkan" is from Swedish musican(s) Vintersorg and the project has been running for some time now, and with a catalog. This itself is something, and would imply notions studious and scholarly, and with a aura around the project that is elemental and in such a sense that their hill might not sound like your hill, in an environmental sense, nor like the hill of another maybe even looking at the same landscape.

That is the mood here; that the air of the project is environmental, and weathery and moody in it's aspects and is described by those in the know as being folk metal. There are soaring, moments that are certainly hawk like and epic, and there is a like feel in the vocals and hymns, with great musicianship in the many instruments and structures, and at moments it could crash into the ground from the grandiose intoxication of a certain monomania- a disease of musicians great and small.  As a product of Swedish metal, it could be picked out from the other elemental sounds of other lands, Scandinavian and diverse as they are-  and even blindfolded and by intuition once found, and there is a certain part of Sweden in there. Their are moments of electronic craftsmanship here and there in the sounds of keys and of the nature, as well as some well applied effects scattered through the thing, and as it progresses there are some good music moments here in a harmonic sense and suited to the melodic and bombastic. It is at a loss for myself that i am not in tune with the vocals, which are usual and metal, and sometimes out stage the show, and it is the same disdain i find in music like Opeth, Ihsahn, or even a pomp-ass project like Ulver, where at times it is comparable to the powerful disease of the musician/composer. At times i hear what could be tomfoolery of such a heated vocal delivery to remind me as sounding something like REO Speedwagon, for instance, and this is not what i would wage or want from the blacksmith of personal metallurgy.These men are professionals, and they will let you know it with these vocals, which are at least expressed with some fire and snap.

All in all, Vintersorg have some interesting music and somewhat ingenious moment s at times and the theme fits well with the little glass ball containing Sweden and Winter that thay have made for themselves in winter wonderland and as one of the titles- the polar night. .Here they succeed and can go home at the end of the day knowing they have, at the very least, a long trail of self discovery and richness in the silver and gold of human experience and discovery of surroundings. If the heart is true, it cannot then lie...can it?