By Dr. Abner Mality

The Norwegian thrash scene is on fire and producing great bands left and right. Black metal seems to be the LAST thing the Norwegians are producing at the moment. This band with the peculiar name has got to be one of the best bands yet to come from the land of fjords. I was absolutely shocked and delighted by the quality of “Chiaroscuro”.

This sucker rips from first to last. But don’t expect a rehash of old thrash clichés here. Somehow Vingulmork mixes many extreme genres to come up with something fresh and fierce. Their music has the anger of old German thrash, the icy feel of classic Norwegian black metal, the melodic death metal style that In Flames had a million years ago when they were good and even the majestic feel of the best folk metal. The songs are to the point but actually complex and well written. No ballads or groove metal here! “Collapse and Rebuild”,  “From Promise” and “Hold Your Ground” get the blood racing with speedy blackened thrash…the vocals alternate expertly between raspy troll-like tones and much deeper,guttural growls.

Where this band excels is when they inject majestic Viking-type riffs into their attack. “Old Hate” and “It Will Suffice” blow the doors off anything Amon Amarth has done in a long time. Blackened Viking battle-thrash, anyone? Every tune has its own identity, its own feel.

Outstanding release from Vingulmork! Hunt this one down! It might just sneak onto my top ten of 2015!